How to visualize topography on top view in Fastscape

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I linked ASPECT-Fastscape using the document in this forum (How to run cookbook "fastscape_eroding_box.prm"? - #2 by Djneu).

So, I can obtain the results by modifying “fastscape_eroding_box.prm” in the cookbook to two-dimension as follows

The first is the result at the start time and the second is the result at the end time.

Based on my understanding, I have to run the provided Python code (/aspect/contirb/fastscape/ to visualize calculated topography on top view like below

This result is run in the earlier version in ASPECT-Fastscape.
This photo was provided by another user.

Although I obtained .vts and .pvd file from the Topography*.vtk by running the provided Python code, I can’t visualize it.

I think this problem is because the topography value is infinite.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
My ASPECT version is the latest.

I think you meet the same problem as me: How to run cookbook "fastscape_eroding_box.prm"? - #3 by Qyunian
But I still don’t know how to deal with it. :sob:

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Hopefully our problem is solved :blush: