Problems with global melt cookbook

Hi everyone,

I’m having a hard time reproducing the results as shown in the ASPECT manual from the global melt cookbook. I am using the parameter file found in the cookbook directory in ASPECT (cookbooks/global_melt/global_melt.prm) and have made no changes. I am also using the latest version of ASPECT (2.4.0).

I suspected an error in my install of ASPECT so I downloaded the experimental VirtualBox image with a fully pre-configured version. I ran the global_melt.prm input file in the virtual machine but this produced the same erroneous results I was getting on my native LINUX machine.

I’m not sure what I’ve done that could be breaking the cookbook model. I’d appreciate any comments or insights.

For reference I have uploaded an image of my results after ~ 67.8 myr using visit for visualization. This is to be compared with Fig. 112 in the online ASPECT manual under the ‘Melt migration in a 2D mantle convection model’ section.

Thank you,