How do I make sure paraview is in the current path?

if ParaView is in your path, you can run the following command:
paraview --script=viz/, I can’t run this command in my paraview software.

  1. Find where paraview is installed. This depends on your operating system and how you installed ParaView. You can use the find command to locate the paraview executable. Refer to for more information about the find command.
  2. You need to set your PATH environment variable so that it includes the directory containing the paraview executable. Refer. to How to set your $PATH variable in Linux | for information about the PATH environment variable.

My operate system is Win11, and running pylith in the WSL, so I can’t run the below command in the WSL:
when I run the command, the error occured

-bash: paraview: command not found

If you are using ParaView for Windows, then you will need to run the script inside the ParaView Python shell. Refer to the instructions provided at ParaView Python Scripts — PyLith 4.0.0 documentation.