Pylith version 2 and/or version 3 in the same computer!

I am trying to run few files written few years back and I am having few issues running them now.

Can I install old and a latest version of pylith in the same computer to run the old files and make changes according?

or can I just use the old version by uninstalling the one I have in my computer?

Just a thought, if the old version would be comparable with the latest cubit and preview. I am not sure…?


You can install multiple versions of PyLith on a computer. You need to make sure they are installed to different directories AND your terminal (shell) environment only sees one version at a time. That is, open a new terminal (shell) when you want to run a different version of PyLith and then run source in the top-level install directory.

Previous versions of PyLith should be compatible with the current versions of Cubit and ParaView. However, there can be issues with using journal files written for older versions of Cubit with the latest version. Using IDless journal files and referring to entities by name can mitigate many of these issues, but sometimes there are changes to commands, etc that require updating the journal files.

Ok. Thanks Baagaard!