Creating Google Earth .kml files from SPECFEM3D (Globe) Movie Options

Hello, Its been awhile since I’ve posted on the forum but a friend of mine asked me if I was familiar with how to create movie files in SPECFEM3D_Globe and then display them. I thought I would give it a shot with creating the google earth .kml files so to I attempted to follow the instructions in the README.txt file in the /utils/Visualization/GoogleEarth directory. I was able to create the .xyz files using the xcreate_movie_AVS_DX command and did not see any error messages. However, when I run the next command suggested in the readme: UTILS/Visualization/GMT/, I do not appear to be generating the gif files that should be produced. I still receive terminal messages: “Processing Frame OUTPUT_FILES/…” and then “plotting…”, but nothing seems to occur after that. I have looked at the code, but I am not sure what might be going on. It looks like it is looking to run a plot_movie.csh script that I believe is generated by the script as I can’t find that file in my specfem directory or on the specfem Github page. I am curious if anyone else has tried this method before and may be familiar with it? Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.