Difficult how to run and visualize results

I am trying the first steps of the specfem3D. However, I did not get how to run and see the results properly. I followed the manual, apparently the code was compiled, but the VTK files are not generated… In other words…I need support with the very initial use. Someone could help, please?

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did you progress? :slight_smile:

  1. First step is to get specfem3d solver and mesher running properly. The best is to check the delivered examples after installing specfem.

  2. The synthetic time series are then saved in OUTPUT_FILES. These are simple ascii data files to be visualized.

  3. To get VTK files, there is an extra script: specfem3d/bin/xcombine_vol_data_vtk
    With the help of this code you can convert all the proc* -output files in OUTPUT_FILES/DATABASE_MPI folder to vtk files. Of course, it is necessary to allow the output of volume data in Par_file before running the simulation:

for example:

You can find a description of the usage here:

I hope this helps a bit.

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