Is there a CFD software like SPECFEM3D GLOBE


I am studying computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applications on my own in Taiwan.
Recently, I am looking for a full-sphere model.

I have searched the software list in the website([]), but not found a similar one.
Could you tell me that is there a software that could simulate the ocean and atmosphere that could be visualized like the earth quake simulated by SPECFEM3D GLOBE?
Thank you!

I suspect that you are looking at the wrong organization. CIG is dedicated to the solid Earth. Ocean models are not part of its mission, nor are atmosphere models.

But there is software that does what you want – you just need to look elsewhere for it. When asking for things like this, you would probably do well including information about the time and length scales you are interested in, whether you want the ocean-atmosphere model to be coupled, and what your goal in using the software is. These are often important questions in determining whether one package or another is the most appropriate one for you!


Thanks for your response!
I am sorry that I did look at the wrong organization, but I think that maybe there are some things such as the mesh and length scale could be applied in the model.
The thickness of ocean and atmosphere to Earth are like the skin to an apple.
How should I build up the mesh according to the length scale?
Is there a mesh file produced by SPECFEM? or the mesh is a built-in feature in SPECFEM?

The mesh is such a small aspect of it. Many codes use finite element meshes (or finite difference or finite volume analogues) but they solve completely different physics. SPECFEM solves the elastic wave equation. ASPECT solves slow flow. But in the ocean and the atmosphere you have fast flow and additional physical processes. It is a vast step from only the mesh to a complete simulation.