Some questions about Visualization using AVS format,animation always showed 5000 steps

Dear developers,


    Now I have got results,like 'moviedata_xxx' , ‘surface_from_mesher.h’ and ‘valve_from_mesher’ etc in ‘./SPECFEM3D/OUTPUT_file’ folder.   I have made ‘xcreate_movie_shakemap_AVS_DX_GMT’ in ./SPECFEM3D root folder. 

    I ran this script, set the parameter just like these:

     # time step parameters
       NSTEP                           = 15000
        DT                                 = 0.002
    # Visualization
        CREATE_SHAKEMAP                 = .true.
        MOVIE_SURFACE                   = .true.
        MOVIE_TYPE                      = 2
        MOVIE_VOLUME                    = .true.
        SAVE_DISPLACEMENT               = .true.
        USE_HIGHRES_FOR_MOVIES          = .false.
        NTSTEP_BETWEEN_FRAMES           = 100
        HDUR_MOVIE                      = 0.0

     # interval at which we output time step info and max of norm of displacement
      (more information

    When I use ‘xcreate_movie_shakemap_AVS_DX_GMT’ to convert those moviedata_xxx file, I set to AVS format , first frame = step1 , last frame = step 15000. But no matter what I set the number(more than 5000), it always stopped on 5000 steps. It makes me confused. How can I fix it ? Please give me some little help. Thanks a lot.

    Best wishes!

    Di Chen

Can you send the error/output message?

Hi there,
I want to share my file, but our fourm didn’t support uploading with format of those files. And I am a new forum user so i can not send pictures.
Can I send them to your personal e-mail address? (AVS movie files from step 0 to 5000 , moviedata file from 0 to 1000, and what script i used & parameter file.)
I am most grateful for your checking and help.
Best wishes!

Di Chen

Yes. Please go ahead.