specfem3D : visualising kernels


I am trying to visualise kernels from specfem3D, from simulations I’m running on Archer, a UK supercomputer.

More precisely, I’m trying to visualise a single slice of a vp kernel in the source-receiver plane at a given longitude.

I have now created the slices (minor, major and ic), and I’m trying to collect the kernel files for vp kernels.

Therefore, I’m trying to run

copy_oc_globe_database.pl slice_file lsf_machine_file filename.

with slice_file --> slices_minor

filename --> alpha_kernel

lsf_machine_file --> ??? Not sure how can I get that.

This is where I’m stuck, I do have files generated by the scheduler after a job is run, but they don’t fit the "1 line, node name, and number of procs used
" described in copy_oc_globe_database.pl for the lsf_machine_file

Any chance you could help out ?

Many thanks,

Alexandre Szenicer.