Axialdisp cannot be reproduced in examples/twocells/twohex8

Dear CIG team,
I am new to pylith, and I try to reproduce the examples in the V2.2.1 manual. I encountered trouble when I run the command: pylith dislocation.cfg in the example: 7.6.6 Kinematic Fault Slip Example. there no error report, but the output result dislocation_t011.vtk opened in Paraview is unlike the figure 7.16 in manual.
I reproduced result.

figure 7.16 in manual.

could you guys give me some suggestions?

best wishes,

It looks like the simulation may have run correctly, and you just need to make some adjustments within ParaView. It looks like you color scale has different limits and the glyph vectors may not be scaled by the displacement (all vectors seem to be the same length independent of the displacement magnitude). See the ParaView documentation for more informationl