Problem with 2D reverse fault: step05 in PyLith v3.0.0beta2

Hi all,

I was trying to play with the example 2D/reverse step05 which includes prescribed slip along the fault. Reading the README I saw that I need to run:
pylith step05_onefault.cfg solver_faults.cfg
It runs and seems to work, but when I look at the results in Paraview, I have no results for both displacement and stress.
Is this example not implemented in the new version yet?

Thank you so much and thanks for the last week!
Have a wonderful day.

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The 2d/reverse examples that involve a fault are not completely updated in the beta2 release. We will be updating them along with the 2d/subduction and 3d/subduction for the beta3 release.

OK thank you so much Brad. Looking forward for them.
Thanks again, have a wonderful day!

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