The problem of visualization of the results of examples/3d/hex8/step06.cfg

Dear Pylith team,

I ran the step06.cfg in examples/3d/hex8 and everything works fine. I try to view the step06.xmf file in Paraview, I can’t get the image like in the manual. Is there something wrong with the results or the Paraview display setting?


Dear Nick,

The figure shown for the example is using the ‘Warp by Vector’ filter, which also shows up in the toolbar (curved icon below the word ‘displacement’). This filter allows you to warp the mesh using a vector field. You can control the amount of warping using a scale factor. After warping, we then use a glyph to show the displacements on the warped mesh. We also choose a different color scale for the warped mesh. To learn more about all of these features, you should have a look at the ParaView documentation.


Dear Charles,

Thank you for your fast response and advice.