2018 CIG Elections

15 October 2018

Dear CIG Community:

The 2018 CIG Elections are now open. We have 4 candidates for 2 spots for the Executive Committee (EC) and 6 candidates for 3 spots on the Science Steering Committee (SSC).

Executive Committee:

  • Susanne Buiter, Geol. Soc. of Norway & U. of Oslo
  • Katie Cooper, Washington State University
  • Margaret Jadamec, University at Buffalo, SUNY
  • Louis Moresi, University of Melbourne

Science Steering Committee, Position 1:

  • Anna Kelbert, USGS
  • Krista Soderlund, University of Texas, Austin

Science Steering Committee, Position 2:

  • Jacky Austermann, Columbia/LDEO
  • Ebru Bozdag, Colorado School of Mines

Science Steering Committee, Position 3:

  • Cedric Thieulot, University of Utrecht
  • Cian Wilson, Carnegie DTM

You can find more information on all 10 candidates by navigating to the election site:

Home > About > Governance > Elections

Your Member Representative will be casting 2 votes for the EC and 1 vote in each of the 3 pairs for the SSC. Please contact your Member Representative (https://geodynamics.org/cig/about/membership/member-representatives/) to vote.

Is your institution not a member? Apply here: https://geodynamics.org/cig/about/membership/apply-membership/

Many thanks to our Nominating Committee - Sabine Stanley (chair), Magali Billen, and Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni for presenting us with an excellent slate of candidates.

Balloting closes Friday November 16 before the Thanksgiving Holiday week.