2022 CIG Elections

28 October 2022

Dear Community,

The 2022 CIG Elections for the Executive Committee (EC) and the Science Steering Committee (SSC) are now open. Three (3) seats are open on the EC and three (3) seats are open on the SSC. Electees typically serve a three (3) year term beginning in January 2022 and ending in December 2024. This year due to vacancies, one seat on the EC is for 2 years. New this year is a 1 year term on the SSC for an early career scientist.

Ballots have been mailed to your Member Representative:

If your institution is not a member, please inquire on how to become a member to be eligible to vote in future elections.

Please see our website for candidate information for this year’s election:

This year’s nominees are:

Phaedra Upton, GNS Science, New Zealand
Catherine Cooper, Washington State University

EC2 & EC3: ranked-choice voting
Dave Stegman, IGPP, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD
Marc Spiegelman, Columbia University
Louis Moresi, Australian National University

Elvira Mulyukova, Northwestern University
Rhodri Davies, Australian National University

Bernhard Steinberger, GFZ Potsdam
Adam Holt, University of Miami

Emmanuel Njinju, University of California Davis
Adina Pusok, University of Oxford

Thanks to John Naliboff, Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni, Scott King, Juliane Dannberg, Clair Currie, and Bruce Buffet for their service.

Elections close Sunday November 27, 2022.