[CIG-ALL] 2020 CIG election nominations - deadline: Oct 2

Dear CIG Community,

We are soliciting nominations for candidates to fill positions on the CIG Executive Committee (1 position) and Science Steering Committee (3 positions). Nominations (self nominations are encouraged) must be sent via email to nominations@geodynamics.org by COB Friday October 2.

We are committed to developing diverse membership in the committees with representation from different research areas, geographic locations and underrepresented groups. Nominations for candidates with expertise in the areas of short-term crustal dynamic, long-term tectonics, education and outreach, or computer science are especially encouraged.

Further information on the roles of these committees can be found at https://geodynamics.org/cig/about/governance/

Thank you in advance for your nominations.

Brad Aagaard
Frederik Simons
Jacqueline Austermann
2020 Nominations Committee