Viscoelastoplastic rheology

Dear Pylith team,

Does the software support viscoelastoplastic materials? If not, is there any good way to simulate viscoelastoplastic rheology? Thank you in advance.


Neither PyLith v2 nor PyLith v3 have a viscoelastosplastic rheology. Charles Williams is starting to work on implementing a Dricker Prager elastoplastic rheology in v3 along with viscoelastocplastic. I am not aware of any way to mimic viscoelasticplastic behavior with a viscoelastic or an elastoplastic rheology. If you provide specific information about the constitutive behavior you want and its applications, we can take this account as we continue to add bulk rheologies to PyLith v3. We would welcome contributions in terms of setting up MMS tests (even if it is just providing the equations) for these complex rheologies.