Burger viscoelastic rheology

Dear Pylith team,

I’m currently running viscoelastic simulations (for post-seismic study) using Maxwell rheology. I would like to include Burger rheology to add short term transient relaxation in addition to Maxwell. Is there a way to do that in Pylith ?

Dear Mathilde,
It appears that a Burger rheology is simply two Maxwell elements in parallel. In that case, it could be represented by a generalized Maxwell model in PyLith, by setting \mu_0 and \mu_3 to zero. See Section 5.3 and Figure 5.1 in the PyLith User Manual. Let me know if this helps.


Dear Charles,
Yes of course it makes sense, I had forgotten that generalized Maxwell models can do that. Thanks a lot for you help.

Dear Mradiguet,

I want to recognize to you how to change the generalized Maxwell model to the Burgers model.
I referred to this study.
“Generalized Maxwell bodies and estimates of mantle viscosity”, (muller, 1986)
You have to see the Appendix part

I think I was too late to answer your problem…but
Hyeon-seob Kim