Time/Temperature dependece as a top boundary condition

Hi all, I would like to run a simulation in a cartesian geometry setting the top boundary condition with a time-temperature dependent equation. I would like to see the variation of the temperature just in the top layer but I am not sure how to proceed in this case. I don’t know if I should write in the input file a function or create a new plugin that just consider the top of the model.
Please, could you help me with this doubt?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Katherine,

You can use the function plugin to describe a time-dependent equation for the boundary temperature (see for example the composition_passive.prm cookbook file, which shows the concept of a time-dependent function for velocity boundary conditions).
You can use the depth average postprocessor to only analyze properties in a given depth. If you only want a layer at the top, specify the number of layers as one, and then use the set Depth boundaries of zones = ... parameter to specify the depth of the top and bottom of the layer.


Hi Dr. Dannber, many thanks for your suggestions.
I would like to ask you if I could described directly the function for the boundary temperature in the .prm file without creating a new plugin, couldn’t I?
Another thing is that I am not sure if I am doing the right implementation of the subsection ‘Depth average’ because the version of ASPECT I have, doesn’t want to recognize that subsection, I am writing something like this:

subsection Depth average
set Number of zones = 1
set Depth boundaries of zones = 10

Many thanks in advance again,
Kind regards, katherine

I forgot to menction that I was checking the function plugin for the boundary temperature and there are described three functions: the minumun/maximun temperature and the one for setting the time. I am not clear if I should insert the new equation for the time-temperature as a vector where is described the set_time or doing this step directly in the .prm file

many thanks again,