Re: ASPECT tutorials

In response to the following request via email:

Thank you so much Rene! I will ask the question on the forum.
I am sorry to bother you on this, and feel free to direct me somewhere else if you are busy - but I am trying to reproduce the right panel in Fig 38 in the manual (depth vs. temperature with various time, attached). I thought I should produce time dependent depth_average.gnuplot files, but I only get one depth_average.gnuplot file that seems to reflect values at time zero. I was wondering if I am not using a correct shell_simple_2d.prm (which I did not modify from the default one). If you have advice on this, would you mind letting me know? If I should ask such a (basic) question somewhere else, please let me know too. I am sorry about the inconvenience.
Thank you!

Hello Miki,

Sorry it tooks so long to reply, as I wrote I was traveling last week.

This is the type of question that the forum can best help you
with, somebody out there will know the answer. I took the liberty
of forwarding this to the forum as well, mostly to record my
answer for other users.

The depth_average.gnuplot file should contain a 2D data grid, one
axis is depth, the other is time. The data format is not very
intuitive to read, but you can plot it in gnuplot, for example
with the following commands:


set view map

splot "output-shell_simple_2d/depth_average.gnuplot" using 1:2:8 with pm3d

This should produce a map view of average velocity over depth and
time (x-axis depth, y-axis time). You can replace 8 with any other
column number to plot the other properties. To change the time or
depth intervals you will need to change properties in the input
file in the subsection “Postprocess/Depth average” (you can find
the available parameters here:
With the default .prm file the depth average is recorded every 1
million years, so in order to see more than a line you need to run
the model for at least 1 million years.

Hope that helps, let us know in case something does not work out.