Share custom failure laws with PyLith?

Dear PyLith developers,

I’m using pylith 2.2.2 built from source. I’ve implemented some custom failure laws: exponential decay with slip, parabolic law, polylinear laws, and some more complex ones. Do you think this is something that will be useful for the community?
I’m about to submit a paper, so there will be something to look at results wise and I can share the codes for the laws as well. If you think it’s worth sharing, what’s the procedure for this? Just GitHub?


The general procedure for contributing to PyLith is to make a pull request via GitHub. Ideally, the pull request for a new feature would include

  • code with comments,
  • tests verifying the new feature is implemented properly, and
  • documentation of the new feature in the PyLith User Guide.

Note: We are not actively developing v2. All new development is focused on v3, including implementation of fault friction. The implementation of the physics is quite different in v3 (which using our multiphysics implementation) compared to v2. We will consider contributions to the v2 branch, but they are less useful compared to contributions to v3.