PyLith Development Plan, June 2019

At the end of the June 10-14, 2019, Crustal Deformation Modeling workshop, we updated the PyLith Development Plan. It is posted on the PyLith GitHub Wiki.

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Are there any updates on the Development Plan, particularly as for the Pylith 3 release?
My group is eager to explore its promising new features that we explored at this Summer’s workshop. For our purposes, we need to be able to build from source, which currently may be non-trivial for the public 3.0beta, i.e. without an installer, right?

We are working hard on the PyLith v3.0 release. We are pretty much done implementing the features listed in the development plan for the v3.0 release, except for reimplementing the viscoelastic and elastoplastic rheologies. We are still working on the rheologies and doing a lot of testing and fixing bugs. We don’t have an estimated release date other than to say we hope it will be in the next month.