Postdoc in Subduction Geodynamics (University of Miami)

Dear colleagues,

We are looking for a Postdoctoral Associate to work on subduction zone geodynamics at the University of Miami (Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science). The researcher will work on an NSF-funded project to explore feedbacks between subduction zone thermal structure, metamorphism, and rheological structure within time-evolving subduction zones. Situated in the group of Dr. Adam Holt (University of Miami), the researcher will also benefit from close collaboration with Dr. Cailey Condit (University of Washington), Dr. Victor Guevara (Amherst College), and undergraduate/graduate researchers at these institutions. See below for more specific details:

Subduction zone geodynamics Postdoctoral Associate:

The University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric has an exciting opportunity for a full-time Post-Doctoral Associate in Subduction Zone Geodynamics for a 2-year position.

Core Job Functions:

• Developing a framework that combines geodynamic subduction models (ASPECT finite element code), thermodynamic modeling (Perple_X software package), and rheological flow laws derived from experiments and observations from the exhumed rock record.
• Combining this framework with geological observables to investigate the time-dependent expression of slab thermal structure, slab devolatilization, and rock exhumation.
• Contributing to the project’s NSF Broader Impacts which include: 1) developing a classroom activity for introductory geoscience classes, 2) developing a digital museum exhibit, and 3) co-organizing a subduction research symposium.


A Ph.D. in a relevant field (geodynamics/geology/geophysics) and a strong computational background. Experience developing numerical subduction models and constraining these models using geological observables will be advantageous.

Applicants should also have strong communication skills, publications in peer-reviewed journals, and a willingness to assist with student mentorship. Teaching opportunities at the University of Miami will be provided if this is desired by the Postdoctoral Researcher.


In addition to a CV, please upload a short cover letter (outlining research experience, research interests, academic goals) at the link below:

Please submit your application by August 25th for full consideration. Interested scientists can email Adam Holt ( with any questions.

Best regards,

Adam F. Holt
Assistant Professor
University of Miami
Miami, FL 33149
Office: +1-305-421-5345