No ASPECT online user meeting this week

Hi all,

since AGU is looming, and I received no specific topics of interest for this weeks ASPECT online user meeting lets skip it, and postpone our discussions to the ASPECT dinner at AGU. I will announce the next online meeting in January as usual.

See you at AGU, or at the next meeting,


Hi Rene!
What are the info for an AGU dinner? I’ll be interested to join, but guessing it’s burried somewhere in all the emails…

Hi Marine,

the ASPECT dinner will be on Thursday, Dec 13th (see this post: AGU ASPECT dinner on Thursday, Dec 13th).

We haven’t decided on a restaurant and time yet, but will send out more information soon. In the meantime, Rene made a spreadsheet where you can sign up if you’re interested in joining:

See you at AGU!