ASPECT dinner at AGU 2021

Dear all,
After a pandemic caused hiatus last year there will again be an in person ASPECT dinner at AGU this year. Due to Covid precautions this will probably happen in a smaller setting than in past years and of course under observance of all local Covid precautions. In order to be able to plan the event we would like to get an idea for how many users are at the conference and interested, and which day would work best for you. If you are interested in joining, even if you are not 100% sure you can make it, please mark in the poll below which evenings likely work for you (multiple choice up to 5 answers possible). We will announce the exact date and location in a later post and as soon as possible.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in person again after a long time,

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Hi! Was a decision made about the AGU ASPECT dinner?

Yes, sorry for not announcing it earlier. It looks like Friday is the preferred day for most, so we will plan for Friday evening after the poster session. We will look for a suitable location early next week and will also send more instructions on how and where to meet in this post.

Hi all,

We now have a reservation on Friday 12/17 6:30 pm at the True Food Kitchen (801 St Charles St). We have reserved for 20 participants, but in order to make sure we are not significantly over/underestimating, please put your name into the following Google spreadsheet (so we can make adjustments if necessary). If we have significantly more participants than estimated, we will have to give preference to the names on the Google spreadsheet:

Our plan is to meet between 6 pm and 6:15 pm at the crossing of Julia St and Convention Center Blvd (right in front of the north exit of the convention center) and walk over together. If you cannot make it in time feel free to come to the restaurant directly.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in person again, it will be a great chance to celebrate the end of a successful week (or just relax).