How to run cookbook "fastscape_eroding_box.prm"?

Hi Derek,

Thanks to your patient answer.
I did add the “export GFORTRAN_CONVERT_UNIT=‘big_endian’” into my .bashrc file. And “echo $GFORTRAN_CONVERT_UNIT” command did show “big_endian”.
And I get the topography.vtk successfully. But after I convert topography.vtk to topography.vts, Paraview also can’t show this file. I don’t know why.
what do you think of Can it be the problem of my Paraview version(5.11.1 with python3.9) or Python(3.9.6)?
If it’s possible, could you send your eroding_box topography.vtk output for me? I’d like to know whether it’s the problem of my