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I was using aspect in a Ubuntu virtual machine from deal-ii website and able to make simple 3d-rift model by updating the continental-extension cookbook.Recently I installed aspect locally in my laptop (both 2.5-pre and 2.4), but when i try to run the same input file(attached here), it gives me following errors(figures attached). By the way, i can run cookbooks in both aspect2.5-pre and 2.4 without any errors. Could you please help me to figure out the error?
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rift_3d.prm (13.0 KB)

Dear Chameera,

Welcome and thank you for posting your question to the forum!

At some point (summer 2022?) we removed the Reference viscosity parameter as an input option, and now automatically determine this value internally within ASPECT.

I think you must be using a version of the master branch on your laptop that that change merged, while the version on your virtual machine must not yet have the change committed?

In any case, the solution is to simply remove that parameter from your prm file.

Thanks again for posting to the forum, and please let us know if you have any further questions.



Hi naliboff,
Yep. It is working now !. Thank you very much.

I also wanted to ask about that. I was lucky to find someone like me. And found a solution. Thank you very much.

Dear jbnaliboff,

I just start for looking any solution on this issue then found this. Thank you very much.



@gokcal My pleasure, thank you for checking on the forum!

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