GeoUtrecht2020: Forward and Inverse Modelling of Tectonic Processes

Dear colleagues,

GeoUtrecht2020 - organised by the German Geological Society DGGV, Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands KNGMG and Utrecht University - will be held as an online conference from August 23 to August 26 2020 . The event will be fully interactive and similar to a face to face event, including icebreaker and farewell parties, an Exhibition Hall and extended virtual networking facilities, such as a coffee room, one to one or ad-hoc video-audio meetings or chats. In these difficult and unusual times the organiser and we hope to provide a platform to continue to discuss geosciences and tectonics in an interactive manner.

If you are interested to present your research on “Forward and Inverse Modelling of Tectonic Processes”, please consider submitting an abstract to our session 3.5 via this link:

This session will start at 15:40h CEST to also allow scientists from the US to join. Abstract deadline is tomorrow Friday June 26 2020 and this interactive opportunity is provided free of charge.

We are looking forward to an interactive discussion on modelling tectonic processes,

Boris Kaus (Uni. Mainz) and Ylona van Dinther (Utrecht Uni.)
3.5 Forward and inverse modelling of tectonic processesby Ylona van Dinther1, Boris Kaus2; 1Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 2University of Mainz, Germany
Numerical and analogue models improve our understanding of – and predictive power for – tectonic processes occurring across a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. These processes tend to be complex and interesting because of their multi-physics and cross-scale nature, including hydrological, thermal, chemical and mechanical components from billions of years down to milliseconds and global to micrometer scales. We invite contributions concerning development and application of physics-based forward and inverse models addressing topics ranging from plate tectonics, mantle and lithosphere dynamics, magmatism, fluid flow, to seismicity.