Free-surface.prm modeling mantle plumes, change the temperatures

Hi Apect,

I am trying to model a mantle plume (Gorgona) by using Free-surface.prm. I have read that I can “Add a more complicated initial temperature field to see how that a.ects topography.”

I would like to adjust the temperature model starting at 1773 K and as a crystallization temperature 1623 K. I have changed the temperature, but I have obtained a meaning less model.

As well, I would like to know if there is any possibility to try something with dynamic partial melting, in other words generate 2 meltings in the plumes as it moves upward. I only managed to change the depth.


Hi @mfalmanzam,
Thank you for posting on the forum! Could you tell us what you’ve changed in the prm and what you mean by “meaning less model”? What were you expecting to happen?