Face has no cross edge

Hi Pylith team,

My mesh is yielding the following error: " RuntimeError: Error occurred while adjusting topology to create cohesive cells for fault ‘LCRF’.Internal error while creating fault mesh. Face 48877827 has no cross edge."

I am using a version of a mesh with three faults that I have used extensively before, but the faults are now built using nonplanar geometries. Let me know if more information is required to address this issue.


Please provide an image of your fault geometry (for example, a screenshot of the surfaces in CUBIT/Trelis) so that we can see how nonplanar it is and how the location of the faults relative to each other.

The fault in the middle is the problematic one. The two large ones are meshed based on USGS geometry. The middle one is meshed based on field data.

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 2.37.47 PM

The order you specify the faults in the interfaces array is important as it influences how the cohesive cells are inserted into the mesh and what happens where the faults intersect.

You should specify the two major (non-intersecting) faults first and then the connecting fault.

interfaces = [fault_major_1, fault_major_2, connecting_fault]

You also need to make sure the buried edges are marked correctly and included in each fault specification.

If you haven’t already done so, I would run the following simulations to check to make sure the individual and two major faults are fine:

  1. A static simulation each fault separately (i.e., three different static simulations) run properly.
  2. A static simulation using the two major faults runs properly.