Errors when creat different parts of fault,

I recently use pylith to simulate 2D fault dynamic rupture procession, the result is perfect when used cubic meshing and slip_weaking constitutive, but when i used tri meshing or add a fault parallelling the exist one,the error ‘‘RuntimeError: Error occurred while adjusting topology to create cohesive cells for fault ‘nucleation’.’’ occurred, it’s detail is ‘’[0]PETSC ERROR: Petsc has generated inconsistent data
[0]PETSC ERROR: Point 26246 not found in support of cone point 6549.’’
My fault model made up with three part like this: ------fault(long)------nucleation(very little)---------(long), and the edge nodes of different parts in same cubic/tri unite but no plex.

I am very appreciat if you give me help about this question. Thanks.

Are you marking the “buried” edges of your faults? See figures 6.3 and 6.4 in the PyLith v2.2.1 or v2.2.2 manual.

If you correct any buried edge issues and still have problems, please provide a close up image/diagram of region around the ends of the nucleation fault.

Oh, you are right, i incorrect buried edge because misunderstand the region of the nucleation, then the problem is sloved when i change the nucleation part like this:1
Very thank you for your help!