Error when using CUBIT mesh in the subduction-2d example

Dear community,

I got an error when trying to use the CUBIT mesh mesh_tri.exo in the example “subduction-2d”:

RuntimeError: Error occurred while adjusting topology to create cohesive cells for fault ‘fault_slabtop’.
Error while creating fault. Fault fault_slabtop with label value 21 does not contain any cells.
Check that you are using the correct label value.

The example is working fine when using the GMSH mesh mesh_tri.msh.

Attached are the full error log, and the JSON parameter file.

I use Pylith 3.0.3 from the binaries (pylith-3.0.3-macOS-12.0-arm64) on a Mac M1 (ARM).

I simply changed MeshIOPetsc to MeshIOCubit in the configuration file, in order to use the CUBIT mesh.
I got the error either when I use the stock CUBIT mesh given in the example (mesh_tri.exo), or when I build a new CUBIT mesh from the journal files.

Thank you very much for any help.

error.txt (5.7 KB)
step01_coseismic-parameters.json.txt (357.8 KB)

And here are the configuration files:

pylithapp.cfg (4.4 KB)
step01_coseismic.cfg (3.5 KB)

When switching between using a mesh from CUBIT and from Gmsh, you need to update

  1. Mesh importer (MeshIOPetsc vs MeshIOCubit), as you have done
  2. Filename of the mesh file, as you have done
  3. Label values (Gmsh: label_value matches the tag of the physical group; CUBIT: label_value is always 1). For a fault with buried edges, you also need to adjust edge_value (it is analogous to label_value).

Dear Brad,

Thank you very much for your help, it is working now!