Changing .jou file for example box3d


I created a new box (.jou) in cubit by doing minor changes to the box dimensions (given in example box3d) and tried to run it. But I still see the output for the example box3d with old dimensions not the one I created. I changed the file name to import the box in the parameter file:





We use PETSc to read Gmsh files.

reader = pylith.meshio.MeshIOPetsc

Set the filename and the dimension of the default Cartesian coordinate system.

reader.filename = brick1.jou

reader.coordsys.space_dim = 3

New brick1.jou file

create brick x 1
#mesh volume 1
#Tetmesh volume 1
mesh volume all

The journal (.jou) files are files that your run within Cubit to generate a finite-element mesh. The final step in generating the finite-element mesh in Cubit is to save the file as an Exodus II (.exo) file. See the Cubit journal files in the examples for how to do this.

Within the PyLith parameter (.cfg) files, you use the MeshIOCubit reader to read the mesh and specify the name of the Exodus II file. Again, see the examples for how to do this.