Are you using Particles, (DG or DGBP) or Volume-of-Fluid algorithms in ASPECT?

Dear Graduate Students, Post Docs, and Colleagues,

I’m writing to ask if you have used or are planning to use the following features in ASPECT

    The Particle Methods in any shape or form

    DG (Discontinuous Galerkin) or (DGBP) Bound Preserving Discontinuous Galerkin

    The Volume of Fluid (VOF) interface tracking algorithm

Even if you decided against using the algorithms for some reason I would also like to know that and why.

The reason I ask is that, since I was involved in developing and implementing these algorithms, I am doing a poll for the purposes of keeping my funding agency (the US National Science Foundation) apprised of how widely used this methodology is. The data is also useful for NSF future proposals.

I’m up against a short deadline. If you would please just send me your name, title and affiliation, that is enough. Getting that information now, rather than details later would be a great help for me.


  • Gerry

Please note that if you use this feature, the developers have requested that you cite the following paper (DG Advection):

He, Y.; Puckett, E.G.; Billen, M.I. (2016), A Discontinuous Galerkin Method with a Bound Preserving Limiter for the Advection of non-Diffusive Fields in Solid Earth Geodynamics, Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, doi: 10.1016/j.pepi.2016.12.001, url:

Full citation information can be found here:

@egpuckett. If there are additional attributions you would like to help you with tracking use, please remember to add it to the manual.