ASPECT Newsletter #90

Hello everyone!

       This is ASPECT newsletter #90.

It automatically reports recently merged features and discussions about the ASPECT mantle convection code.

Below you find a list of recently proposed or merged features:

#3270: Add another paper that uses ASPECT. (proposed by jdannberg)
#3269: more c++ override (proposed by tjhei)
#3268: Add a paper that uses ASPECT. (proposed by bangerth; merged)
#3267: Extend parse function to allow subentries (proposed by gassmoeller)
#3266: Correct inflow boundary condition for Volume of fluid method (proposed by class4kayaker)
#3265: [WIP] Mesh def initial topo (proposed by anne-glerum)
#3264: Add option to turn off dynamic topography contribution in geoid calculation (proposed by Shangxin-Liu)
#3263: implement matrix-free 3d no-normal flux (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3261: matrix-free free-slip and no-slip conflict (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3260: cleanup virtual destructors (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3259: use override instead of virtual (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3257: [WIP] add drucker prager rheology module (proposed by naliboff)
#3256: fix checkpoint/resume for deal.II >=9.1 (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3251: GMG: implement no normal flux for 2d spherical and shells (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3250: modernize some for loops (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3249: use c++ override instead of virtual (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3247: implement higher order Stokes GMG (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3246: GMG: allow no cheap iterations (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3245: fix aliasing warning (proposed by tjhei; merged)
#3240: matrix-free: use AssertThrow (proposed by tjhei; merged)

And this is a list of recently opened or closed discussions:

#3262 Initial global refinement and maximum/minimum refinement function varies with number of cores (opened)
#3258 Derived classes should use override instead of virtual (opened)
#3255 underscore vs dash in .prm (opened)
#3254 Restart does not take into account initial topography of the mesh. (opened)
#3253 Resume computation fails (opened and closed)
#3252 Limit the numeric solutions (v, T) if there are wrong values in some elements (closed)

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