When can other softwares such as gale, snac,citcoms support docker installation?

My laptop has intalled many software for now, They always need different dependencies and sometimes produce version conflicts which difficult to hand off. I really hope more software could shield more installation details so that we can just focus on how to use them.
Personally I’m very grateful for providing these open source software, and glad to see some of them had support docker installation such as pylith, virtualquake, comman ,burman and aspect, both users and community will benefit more if more software support docker.
Wish that happens,thanks a lot!

Hi Gao,

Thank you for posting this question to the forum!

At present, GALE and SNAC are no longer supported by CIG, but it may be possible to may a docker container for SNAC. A docker container could certainly be made for CitComS if that would be useful to a wider community.

A more general note - GALE is no longer used in the community, although a few people may still be using SNAC (the main developer could provide specific info). If you are considering using these codes for long-term lithospheric or crustal dynamics problems, ASPECT is now the default CIG code for this purpose. There are also other advanced open source 3D community codes (Underworld, LaMEM) available as well.

There is a docker container available for ASPECT, and LaMEM and Underworld may as well. Underworld also has a Jupiter Notebook interface and lots of associated tutorials.


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Hi John,

Very appreciate for your reply, and it really widened my sights. I’ve taking some time and got a rough idea about LaMEM and underworld, they are both more than excellent for me.
Your suggestion that using aspect as a alternative was forwarded to my colleagues, we will spend time on it.

Thank you very much for your comments!