[CIG-ALL] Feedback requested on CIG related software

Dear users of CIG-related software,

In preparation for the CIG Developers Workshop scheduled for February 23 and 25, we are soliciting feedback from users of CIG-related software via a User’s Survey:


We are primarily interested in feedback on CIG-developed codes (PyLith, ASPECT, SPECFEM, Calypso, and Rayleigh). We also welcome feedback on codes developed, supported, and/or of interest to the CIG community, such as (but not limited to) Relax, Virtual Quake, SELEN, CitcomCU, CitcomS, ConMan, BurnMan, AxiSEM, SW4, SEISMIC_CPML, Flexwin, TerraFERMA, Underworld2, Badlands, SeisSol, and Pangeo.

DEADLINE: Survey responses will be accepted through Tuesday February 9.

IMPORTANT: If you use more than one code, please complete the survey for each code that you use.

For more information, see the CIG Developers Workshop webpage at: https://geodynamics.org/cig/events/calendar/2021-cig-developers-workshop/?eID=1901.

Thank you,

Brad Aagaard

Jed Brown

Katie Cooper

Rene Gassmoeller

Lorraine Hwang

Marc Spiegelman