Visual Studio Code extension for ASPECT parameter file (.prm)

Visual Studio extension for ASPECT parameter script

Users can just search ASPECT in the VS code extension manager to install it, or visit the home page of the extension for more details.

Syntax highlight and parameters/values intellisense.


  • Color syntaxing for ASPECT parameter file (.prm).

  • Intellisense of ASPECT parameters and values.

Syntax highlight

  • Parameters after set keyword

  • Values after = keyword

  • Models after subsection keyword


Enhanced light theme

Enhanced dark theme

Code auto completion

Global parameters and values

Subsection (modules)

Parameters and values in subsection

Key binding of code auto completion

The above completion is triggered by typing, e.g. type = or Space. In addition, users can also force trigger it by shortcut of ⌘ Command+D in macOS or Ctrl+D in Windows/Linux systems.

Mouse hover prompt

Under developing …

The mouse hover prompt method will be activated only in gmt script lines, which will popup side window to display description of the current module or argument.