Installation on MacOS (Catalina 10.15.6)- Windows style line endings

After installing the development version of ASPECT on a MacOS using the deal.ii app my .prm files were somehow interpreted as having a Windows-Style format. I obtained a .prm file from someone else with the same installation set-up, and it ran fine. I sent my .prm file over to be tested on their system and they got the same Windows-Style format error. Please see the attached screenshot. I’m not sure what other information to provide. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi Karen,

Welcome and thanks for posting to the forum!

In the past, I believe I’ve been able to resolve this error by running the parameter file through the program dos2unix. This is a terminal based application, which you can install on your Mac through homebrew, macports, etc.

From the terminal, the command would be:

dos2unix parameter_file_name.prm

Can you try this approach and see if it works?


If macOS doesn’t have dos2unix installed by default, you should be able to do the same thing with sed, which wouldn’t require installing anything new:

sed -i 's/\r//' parameterfile.prm

Hi John,

It is working now. Thank you!