Very small stable time step using 3d custom subduction problem based on Step 2

Hello everyone,
Im getting this error while trying to run Step02 simulation for a 3d subduction problem

RuntimeError: Current nondimensionalized time step of 1.0000e-02 exceeds the nondimensionalized stable time step of 1.8805e-98.

Does anyone knows how to fix it? or what could be the cause of this problem?

Thanks in advance

A nondimensional stable time step of 1.9e-98 suggests the finite-element mesh has one or more cells that are very distorted. Before running a simulation, we recommend always running mesh quality checks to verify you have a good quality mesh. Most mesh generation software includes quality checks and tools to improve mesh quality. You can also use the “Mesh Quality” filter in ParaView to view the mesh quality.

Is there any way to ignore that and run a simulation anyway?

Looking at the code I don’t see any simple workaround. Even if there was a simple workaround to run the simulation, you would likely find that the solver wouldn’t converge, the solution would blow up and you would get NaNs, or the numerical accuracy would be very poor. The only reasonable approach is to fix the problem. Did you check the mesh quality?

yes I did it and the quality of the mesh is not good, I was trying to fix it a little bit but as the mesh is quite big and also I need high resolution in certain parts the time it takes is quite long. I wanted to see if there was a quick and easy solution but it looks like I will have to take my time trying to fix it. Thanks for your replies, I really appreciate it.