Upcoming CIG Webinars

Don’t forget to register for upcoming CIG webinars. Our regular webinar series continues with Tobias Keller, ETH this Thursday February 9 @ 10A on his talk on modeling ore deposits in magmatic systems Genesis of the El Laco magnetite-apatite deposits by extrusion of iron-rich melt: a modelling perspective [more info] [register]

The CIG Fault Mechanics for Numerical Modeling weekly webinar series begins next week at 1P PT. Remember to register:

  • Hydrothermal friction experiments on simulated basaltic fault gouge and implications for megathrust earthquakes, Tamara Jeppson, USGS [more info] [register]
  • Frictional mechanics of shallow slow slip phenomena: An integrated perspective from experiments, numerical modeling and geophysical observations, Sharan Shreedharan, Utah State University [more info] [register]

For a complete list of all webinars see our website.