The aspect and dealii version in docker container

I found the dealii version is still 9.0.1 instead of 9.1.1 in docker container. Will the container be renewed?

BTW. Recently, I tried to run aspect container in super computer with singularity. I did it successfully.

It is nice tool to submit job for running aspect container in super computer

Installation Singularity installation and other informations

After installation, the step are following

singularity pull docker://geodynamics/aspect

then the file : aspect_latest.sif will product in $HOME directory

run command

sudo singularity exec $HOME/aspect_latest.sif mpirun -np 4 /home/dealii/aspect/aspect-release /parameter/file/in/host/parameter.prm

Don’t need sudo if it on the super computer

We are currently not requiring deal.II 9.1 (but it is supported). As we still want to make sure ASPECT runs with 9.0, we have most of our container based on 9.0. We will update them the next time we increase the requirements.

Interesting, I haven’t played with that yet. I would be curious to see if a) how performance is and b) if one can inject the host MPI implementation on a supercomputer (if not, communication will be terribly slow).