Specfem3d with different value of GLL

I am trying to use specfem3d with different value of GLL. In particular, I used GLL = 4. When I compiled, I got an error

              duy_dxil = duy_dxil + dsem_adj_gll(2,5,j,k) * fac

Error: Array reference at (1) is out of bounds (5 > 4) in dimension 2 [-Werror]

The error tells me that GLL = 5 is hardcoded in the code. The manual also indicates that it works for GLL = 5.
My question is:

  • can I used specfem3d with different values of GLL?
  • If yes, an addition from changing GLL value in set/constants.h.in, where else do I have to make changed?

I’ve tried both master branch and devel branch version of the code