Runing on a Cluster

Hello, I just have installed PyLith on a cluster, and when I tried to run the 2D subduction examples, an unexpected MPI error appeared, I attach the error message. Thanks for your help with that issue.

This is not an MPI error. Notice that the error is coming from a symbol not being found when loading the module within h5py. This looks like the h5py Python module is looking for a symbol in the Python library and not finding it. You can see which Python library the is looking for by running ldd

Make sure you are setting up your environment correctly. On a cluster, you need to make sure the environment is setup when you login as well as when a job is run.

Without more information, we can’t say much more than that. I suggest you consult with the system administrator(s) of the cluster to make sure you are setting up your environment correctly. Once that is all debugged, if you still need more help, then we will need more information to help diagnose the problem.
For example, how you did you install PyLith? If you used the PyLith installer, please indicate the operating system you are using, what system packages you are trying to use, and what you want the installer to install. Also provide the exact command line arguments to configure you used.