Error when run examples/3d/hex8/step09.config

Hi dear,
I run 3d/hex8/step07-step09.cfg and get these errors indicating that it can’t get a module with name _errors,how to solve it?
need we install this module manually?

The error message indicates that the import h5py failed. The PyLith binary comes with all dependencies, so there is nothing else to install. The error is likely a result of a conflict associated with the HDF5 C library. Our recommendation is that you unset PYTHONPATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH in your shell (terminal) before running source This helps prevent conflicts with libraries that may be already on your system that conflict with the ones needed by PyLith.

HI baagaard,
I use Docker to install pylith, so I believe the running environment of pylith is isolated from the host machine. I re-installed the software with Docker just after your comments and it ran successfully. but I still don’t know the reason cause this error since I did not modify any thing related to running environment.

Maybe it is caused by some mistakes of mine that unknown,thanks a lot.