Requesting nominations for CIG EC and SSC

Dear CIG Community,
We are soliciting nominations for candidates to fill positions on the CIG Executive Committee (EC, 1 position) and Science Steering Committee (SSC, 2 positions). Please send your nominations via email to by 30th September. Self nominations are encouraged! We also note that any candidate whose nomination is signed by three Electors will be placed on the slate.

We are committed to developing diverse membership in the committees with representation from different research areas, geographic locations, career stages, and underrepresented groups. CIG enables expertise in the areas of mantle and/or lithospheric geodynamics, seismology, seismic cycles, dynamo, and computer science and currently is focused on developing an emphasis on education and interoperability across fields. Nominations along these lines are especially encouraged this year. Further information on the roles of these committees and current members can be found at, which now includes documents that detail the responsibilities of the SSC and the EC.

Thank you in advance for your nominations.

Shi Joyce Sim, Ebru Bozdag and Catherine Constable
2023 Nominating Committee