Question regarding subduction-2d example


I’m currently trying to plot the displacement of the subduction-2d example (.h5 on MATLAB). I noticed that when I selected a point of the step02_interseismic-groundsurf.h5 to plot the displacement over time, it is linear (for the entire 150 years or more). Am I missing something that I have to use the viscoelastic materials? Currently, I just ran the step02 without changing the properties of the material (.mat files). I can provide more information if needed!


The material models use the default settings (linear elastic rheologies). The spatial database file for the mantle includes viscosity but it is ignored when the material is linear elastic. To use a viscoelastic material for the mantle, all you need to do is change the mantle rheology to be a IsotropicLinearMaxwell.

mantle = pylith.materials.IsotropicLinearMaxwell