PyLith installer v2.2.2-2 now available

PyLith installer v2.2.2-2 now available

I updated the PyLith installer for v2.2.2. This fixes problems associated with changes to download locations for some dependencies, incompatibilities with default compiler settings, and ensuring compatibility with Python 2.7 (required for PyLith v2.2.2).

I backported the Sphinx+MyST documentation from the main branch to this version. The documentation is online at If you go to, make sure you click on the version drop-down menu and select v2.2.2-2.

Docker container for PyLith development with v2.2.2

I have created a Docker container with all PyLith dependencies for v2.2.2; this is similar to what is available for the PyLith main branch. In additional to external dependencies, the Docker container also includes pythia, nemesis, spatialdata, and PETSc, because their versions are frozen for compatibility with PyLith v2.2.2. The instructions for using the Docker container for PyLith development are available at

Warning: There are many significant changes from PyLith v2.2.2 to v3.x (main branch). In general, any work done extending v2.2.2 will require major rewriting to be compatible with v3.x.