Problems running the simple compressible model

Hello dear,

I am trying to run a simple compressible model using two different clusters and a virtual machine, but I receive the error message attached in the image below. The input file is a template for convection box where it was changed the material model by the simple compressible without any other modification. Please, could you help me to find the solution?

many thanks in advance.

Dear Katherine,

The error message is very explicit, and should be enough for you to google the answer. You might want to try this prompt: “convert windows style line endings to unix command line”. Highly upvoted advice on stackoverflow is usually good.

I assume you have copied the prm file directly from the web or a Windows computer, and that is why you are experiencing this error. It does not usually arise if you use git to clone the repository, because git automatically recognises the local file system and converts the line endings accordingly.

If you still have problems after following the advice from your Google search, let us know what you have tried.

Best wishes,