Problem running continental extension cookbook on recently installed version of ASPECT

Hi again,

Now I have a better understanding of what the problem is to avoid any confusion I’ve created a little table outlining each test I ran and also all the output slurm files when using the continental extension cookbook model.

Interesting how the issue you linked didn’t have any problems with the AMG solver and single Advection, iterated defect correction Stokes as that’s the problem I seem to be having. Since I don’t have LAPACK and BLAS installed I don’t believe I can use the GMG solver so have been using the AMG solver.

Hopefully this summarises the problems I’m having a little better. I’ll also have a look at pushing this issue at the next ASPECT meeting. I assume joining is just opening the zoom link on the Regular User Meeting pinned topic?

Big thanks again,


slurm-2.5.txt (876.4 KB)
slurm-2.5_End time = 0 - Max nonlinear iterations = 1.txt (8.1 KB)
slurm-2.5_End time = 0.txt (30.1 KB)
slurm-2.5_End time = 10e6.txt (1.7 MB)
slurm-2.5_single Advection, iterated Stokes - End time = 0.txt (21.2 KB)
slurm-2.5_single Advection, iterated Stokes.txt (875.1 KB)
slurm-2.6.txt (378.8 KB)
slurm-2.6_End time = 0 - Max nonlinear iterations = 1.txt (8.3 KB)
slurm-2.6_End time = 0.txt (30.4 KB)
slurm-2.6_End time = 10e6.txt (2.6 MB)
slurm-2.6_single Advection, iterated Stokes - End time = 0.txt (21.4 KB)
slurm-2.6_single Advection, iterated Stokes.txt (880.2 KB)