Pressure source not firing in anisotropic layer when using multiple source_type definitions

Hello all,

I have an anisotropic layer sandwiched between two fluid layers.

I can fire 1 source from the elastic/anisotropic layer no problem with a pressure source (source_type = 1).

But if I have 3 pressure sources, one in each of the fluid regions, one in the anisotropic region, the source in the anisotropic region doesn’t fire.

If I change only the source in the anistropic region to an isotropic moment tensor (source_type=2), then all sources fire.

Unfortunately, I am only allowed to include one image, so below is a trace recorded by a receiver directly above the sources, validating this in the data. The arrow points to the signal created when the source in the anisotropic region is a moment tensor, but missing when it is defined as a pressure source. The seismometers are recording pressure.


Any ideas as to what might cause this?